About Us

The Bible is a revelation of God to man. In the course of that revelation, God sent His Son, Jesus, to die for us.  That's the amazing grace of God (Heb. 2:9.) Now, Jesus Christ is the only way to have a relationship with the Father​. He said so (John 14:6.) Only by belief in His redeeming work on the cross and responding to that redeeming work in baptism will anyone be able to stand with the Father (Mark 16:15-16 and many other texts.)  We believe that when we come to Christ in faith, He will take us to the Father and mediate, intercede, forgive, and advocate for us.  That's why we are a "church of Christ" and no other reason.

A Bad Idea? We Don't Think So

We fully realize that many have preconceived notions and opinions when they hear "church of Christ." In fact, not many have a very good opinion when they hear the name.  Much of this comes from the past and much is hearsay. And some is deserved and some is not. But we can't do anything about that. Nor can we speak for other churches and religious groups. We can only speak of our group at Woodford.  We think of John 1:46. When Nathaniel heard about Jesus, he didn't think any good could come from Nazareth. Phillip simple said for him to "Come and See."  That's our humble plea to everyone today.    

Check It Out!

When you visit with us, you will find a warm, friendly welcome. You have nothing to fear from us. We are a small group of Christians rejoicing in God and looking to share our faith in Him with everyone. We know Jesus invited all to "learn of Him" (Matt. 11:28-30) and we meet to do just that. Our worship is spiritual, and our lessons seek to dive deeply into God's word and learn it in context. It will touch your heart. So we hope you will consider being part of our group as we take the Lord's hand and journey to God. It will do you good and help you too!